Events (the past 5 years)

Year Name of Event My Involvement Venue / Link / Info
Year 2020      
25/02/2020 London Family Office Technology & Innovation Investment Conference Advisor Contact Me
16/01/2020 PwC's Family Offices into Tech Start-ups  event, PwC London Bridge Advisor Contact Me
15/01/2020 VCT Showcase for IFAs and Wealth Managers, London Stock Exchange Hon Guest by invitation
Year 2019
17/12/2019 Flexjet  - clients and partners drinks function Hon Guest private
12/12/2019 Finlight - Family Office Investors Platform Seminar Advisor Contact Me
10/12/2019 Winmark  CIO Network    Technology in M&A Seminar Hon Guest by invitation
05/12/2019 Stakeholderz Investors Dinner Hon Guest private
03/12/2019 Family Offices and LP Funding into GPs (VC) PwC Conference Advisor/Panelist Contact Me
28/11/2019 ETC Tax Advisors  annual drinks Hon Guest private
25/11/2019 London Stock Exchange, Fight for Fairer Funding for Women Investors Hon Guest private
19/11/2019 Animus investors' drinks evening Hon Guest private
18/11/2019 IP Bootcamp at Goodwin LLP Delegate by invitation
31/10/2019 The Great Wealth Transfer: SFO Next Gen Conference Advisor Contact Me
30/10/2019 London Tech Leaders Reception Hon Guest by invitation
30/10/2019 M&A Seminar in Acuity Law, with Stadden Forbes Advisor Contact Me
22/10/2019 Stakeholderz Angel Investors network drinks evening Hon Guest Contact Me
21-24/10/19 WCEC: World Chinese-Entrepreneurs Convention  London Advisor Contact Me
16/10/2019 AI Investing Hon Guest Contact Me
08/10/2019 The Pluralists Opportunities Club Guest by invitation
10/10/2019 Hornblower M&A Seminar, London Guest private
09/10/2019 East Meets West Club,  hampstead event Guest members
02/10/2019 Ministry of Innovation - Global Chamber networking event, London Hon Guest by invitation
30/09/2019 FinTech Connect Investor Network Hon Guest by invitation
30/09/2019 UK Investor City Forum Guest by invitation
27/09/2019 360-One-Family,  Single Family Offices  Conference London Hon Guest private
26/09/2019 Tech Invest London Guest by invitation
24/09/2019 The Shoreditch Partnership Investors Function Advisor Contact Me
24/09/2019 WM Nexus  Single Family Offices Luncheon Hon Guest private
21/09/2019 WCEC: World Chinese-Entrepreneurs Convention   Investors Advisor TBA soon
19/08/2019 Walkers   European Offices' Summer Party Guest private
18/08/2019 CGRC  central London venture investors club Guest private
18/09/2019 Cross Border Planning for the private client, Europe day 2 Advisor Info
17/09/2019 Cross Border Planning for the private client, Europe day 1 Advisor Info
12/09/2019 Emerging Economies Single Family Offices Summit, London Advisor info
12/09/2019 Single Family Offices Investors drinks  (sponsored by TridentTrust) HOST Contact Me
10/09/2019 The Pluralists Club Guest invite only
10/09/2019 AIM showcase for financial advisors and wealth managers Hon Guest invite only
05/09/2019 Stadden Forbes and Aston Currency - Summer Drinks evening Hon Guest private
03/09/2019 WCEC at the London Stock Exchange Guest invite only
17/07/2019 Gateway2Investment & Soriano SFO UK Investment Summit Hon Guest Info
03/07/2019 GAIM Knect365 Conf: 11am Key Speaker = Superseed Ventures Advisor Info2
03/07/2019 GAIM Knect365 Conf: 09am Key Speaker = Stadden Forbes Advisor Info1
28/06/2019 FamilyOfficeMag at MENA-Britain Trade Expo, QEII Centre, London Hon Guest Info
20/06/2019 MMC Ventures  AI Masterclass Guest private
19/06/2019 CIS Professional Investors Network Guest private
18/06/2019 TheCityUK Annual Conference, London Hon Guest invite only
13/06/2019 World China Entrepreneur Convention LONDON - soft launch - function Hon Guest Info
13/06/2019 SM&B Investors into Tech, London Guest invite only
13/06/2019 Hedge Fund Association (UK) Offshore to UK onshore Guest invite only
12/06/2019 UK & Central Europe, 3rd Investment Forum, London Hon Guest invite only
11/06/2019 DC-Finance's London Family Offices & HNWI Conference-2019 Advisor Contact Me
10/06/2019 Satellite Finance Network Annual Conference 2019 Guest Info
10/06/2019 CogX: AI & Emerging Technologies Conference, London Hon Guest Info
04/06/2019 SM&B - Raising Capital or Debt, seminar, London Guest invite only
22/05/2019 Converge & Stadden Forbes @ K&L Gates:  Selling Your Business Advisor Contact Me
21/05/2019 SheEO London Super-Activator Onboarding Session Hon Guest Info
16/05/2019 Trident Trust at Guernsey Funds Forum, London Hon Guest invite only
15/05/2019 Superseed 'AI Fund'   Investor Seminar Advisor Contact Me
09/05/2019 East Meets West Club  with IP Global Guest Members
01/05/2019 Hedge Fund Emerging and Start-up Manager Forum Hon Guest invite only
30/04/2019 Family Office Club   London   Dealflow Summit Advisor Info
30/04/2019 Guernsey Finance Family Offices  London function Hon Guest invite only
11/04/2019 LB Business Network breakfast Guest private
04/04/2019 Dealflow Investor Summit, Mumbai, India Advisor Info
03/04/2019 FineWine Business Network Hon Guest private
30/03/2019 The UK Investor Show Delegate Info
29/03/2019 EBRD & BCCoC Hi-Tech Investor Seminar Hon Guest Contact me
20/03/2019 London Stock Exchange Group's Annual Investment Conference Hon Guest invite only
12/03/2019 FamilyOfficeMag at India-Britain Trade Expo, QEII Centre, London Hon Guest Info
11/03/2019 Simon Gall investor-community private drinks (100 select guests) HOST CONTACT ME
06/03/2019 Family Office Council Hon Guest private
06/03/2019 Fintech Circle Investor Network Hon Guest private
28/02/2019 SuperSeed VC   investors function Hon Guest private
26/02/2019 Blackthorne Focus: Corporate Investors drinks Hon Guest private
14/02/2019 FORA: Securing Debt - Family Office risks Hon Guest private
13/02/2019 Mishcon de Reya's Chinese New Year Party Hon Guest private
12/02/2019 FORA: How the Media covers Real Estate and the Super Rich Hon Guest private
30/01/2019 UK investors at the Croatian Embassy Hon Guest private
29/01/2018 Guernsey Seminar Series: Smart Contracts & Electronic Agents Hon Guest private
23/01/2019 Milltrust: Science & Technology Day Hon Guest private
Year 2018      
12/12/2018 International Professionals Association - London Hon Guest private
11/12/2018 Crypto and Blockchain Xmas Rally - investors Hon Guest private
11/12/2018 Fintech Circle - China UK investors Hon Guest private
05/12/2018 Holland Mountain's festive drinks Hon Guest private
05/12/2018 FinTech Connect, London Delegate Register
29/11/2018 Enterprise Tax Consultants Hon Guest private
28/11/2018 TLG Capital - investors evening dinner Hon Guest private
26/11/2018 SIMON GALL investor-community private drinks [180 guests] HOST Contact Me
08/11/2018 BDO: Ready, Steady, Grow Guest Register
02/11/2018 The National Family Business Conference Hon Guest NFBC2018  Info'
30/10/2018 NOAH [Tech Investors & Entrepreneurs] drinks function Guest private
25/10/2018 SMAB Guest tba
11/10/2018 Insurance [Financiers] Forum, London Delegate private
10/10/2018 Wealth-X  Panel Discussion and Networking - London Hon Guest Contact Me
05/10/2018 Investors into Contemporary Art: 21st Century Women Advisor Contact Me
04/10/2018 DC-Finance - SFO & UHNWI drinks (in Hambro Perks) Advisor Contact Me
04/10/2018 DC-Finance - Family Offices investing into ICO & Blockchain Hon Guest Contact Me
03/10/2018 DC-Finance - Investors Dinner - Medical Technology Advisor DC-Finance
27/09/2018 GP Bullhound - Titans of Tech Roundtable Guest private
27/09/2018 Spear's Wealth Insight Forum Guest Spears
26/09/2018 Technology For Marketing event Delegate  
25/09/2018 Sovereign Group & IPAssoc -  Luncheon Hon Guest private
24/09/2018 Tech Invest London 2018 [& Rupert Hambro] Advisor TechInvestLondon
20/09/2018 Launch Party: Converge Hon Guest private
12/09/2018 Jobbio Higher Delegate Register
05/09/2018 East Meets West Business Forum Guest private
05/09/2018 Dubai Business Forum London Advisor Contact Me
04/09/2018 Sovereign Group at the Institute of Directors Hon Guest IoD
30/08/2018 City-Watch & Pelican - End of Summer, Investor Party Hon Guest private
29/08/2018 WeWork London Clients Businesses & Investor Networking Hon Guest private
08/08/2018 Simon Gall's Investor-community drinks evening [88 attendees] HOST
26/07/2018 The Family Office Dealflow Summit 2018 Advisor
19/07/2018 TLG Capital - Annual Drinks Hon Guest By invitation
18/07/2018 SBJBC's UK Summer Reception Hon Guest private
16/07/2018 Runway East - Tech Investors Hon Guest private
12/07/2018 Hambro Perks, Introduction lunch for EIS Investors HOST HambroPerks
05/07/2018 Private Client Dining (PCD Ltd) Private Wealth Conference Hon Guest PCD Club
04/07/2018 Informed Funding: Planning An Exit Strategy, Lunch Seminar Guest InformedFunding
03/07/2018 Simon Gall's HNWI / SFO / PB / PWM Investor Network HOST CONTACT ME
03/07/2018 Family Office Council, Investment Breakfast Hon Guest private
25/06/2018 WealthTECH Book Launch Hon Guest FintechCircle
21/06/2018 Fintech Circle Angel Network Hon Guest FintechCircle
19/06/2018 Family Offices Annual Conference - London [& Rupert Hambro] Advisor CONTACT ME
15/06/2018 London Technology Investors Club - Launch Hon Guest private
13/06/2018 City AM Private Wealth Investing Seminar Guest private
13/06/2018 Howard Kennedy LLP investors function Guest private
31/05/2018 Hambro Perks Investors lunch Advisor private
24/05/2018 Great British Private Investor Summit Delegate Info
23/05/2018 Great British Private Investor Summit pre-event, drinks evening Hon Guest private
23/05/2018 tx2events - M&A investment professionals  breakfast Hon Guest By invitation
22/05/2018 DC-Finance - SFO property investors dinner Advisor private
17/05/2018 HollandMountain Fund Managers drinks Hon Guest private
17/05/2018 Guernsey Funds Forum Guest Info
16/05/2018 London [tech VC & PE] Investors drinks evening Guest private
15/05/2018 London Tech Investors Network - Launch Guest private
14/05/2018 Capital Enterprise networking  - investor drinks Guest private
09/05/2018 Orrick LLP Results & Briefing International Seminar Guest private
25/04/2018 Jersey Finance Annual Private Wealth Conference Hon Guest Info
24/04/2018 Jersey Finance Annual London Funds Conference Hon Guest Info
23/04/2018 London Stock Exchange Group Annual Investment Fund Conference Guest private
22/03/2018 Heropreneurs Hon Guest private
12/03/2018 Delio Connect - Launch Guest Delio
28/02/2018 Innovative Finance ISA - London Stock Exchange Guest Host
27/02/2018 AI Seed Fund - Launch Hon Guest private
01/02/2018 Hambro Perks - Technology Investors function Hon Guest HambroPerks
Year 2017      
07/12/2017 HedgeBrunch - xmas drinks Guest website
06/12/2017 HollandMountain - xmas drinks Guest website
05/12/2017 InglisJane - xmas function Guest website
29/11/2017 Leadership Forum [for leading CXOs] Guest Miramar
28/11/2017 DC-Finance - SFO, VC & PE  lunch Advisor DC Finance
28/11/2017 Mark Jantzen Senior Business Consultants Hon Guest website
24/11/2017 SIMON GALL investor-community private drinks [126 guests] HOST private
22/11/2017 National Family Business Conference Hon Guest website
21/11/2017 Swedish Beers [for SME Tech  Investors] Guest private
21/11/2017 'An audience with Simon Gall' drinks function HOST SimonGall
20/11/2017 Simon Muirhead Solicitors: GDPR seminar Hon Guest private
15/11/2017 Brown Rudnick LLP - Tech & Innovation Investors drinks Hon Guest private
14/11/2017 'An audience with Simon Gall' drinks function HOST SimonGall
10/11/2017 TFL Capital, annual drinks function Hon Guest private
09/11/2017 Farm Business Innovation / Greentech show Delegate info
08/11/2017 The Growth Investor Awards Guest private
08/11/2017 KTZ Communications seminar (with Blackthorne Focus) Hon Guest private
04/10/2017 Canadian and Australian - UK Chambers of Commerce Delegate private
02/10/2017 TechUK Connected and Autonomous Vehicles seminar Hon Guest Tech UK
29/09/2017 ICAEW: Regulating Financial Services Delegate TBA
28/09/2017 Holland Mountain drinks evening Hon Guest private
06/09/2017 CENEX 2017 Delegate Cenex
31/08/2017 Joint Venture Property Club Hon Guest private
23/08/2017 Offline [Fortus Capital Partners] dinner Hon Guest private
08/08/2017 TheUNITLondon - modern art for SFOs Hon Guest private
14/07/2017 The Chairman's Network Hon Guest TCN
13/07/2017 Stadden Forbes and Blackrock Hon Guest SF
12/07/2017 International Single Family Offices function HOST DC Finance
19/06/2017 Wedlake Bell 'Family Business Seminar' Guest private
08/06/2017 Orrick LLP  function on UK venture investing and acquisitions Guest private
06/06/2017 A UK-Ambassadorial function in London Hon Guest private
06/06/2017 The London Family Office[s] & Wealth Management Conference Advisor contact me
01/06/2017 The Founders' Institute in Google:  Raising Finance seminar Key Speaker FI at Google
25/05/2017 Holland Mountain  drinks evening Guest contact me
18/05/2017 SMB Corporate Solicitors' Tech Exits Roundtable Hon Guest private
16/05/2017 Jersey Finance's Private Wealth Management Conference London Guest contact me
27/04/2017 Stadden Forbes  HNWI & Family Offices  Investing Seminar Advisor contact me
23/03/2017 Simon Gall private drinks function for SFO owner/managers HOST private
22/03/2017 SEI Fundraising and Investor Relations Forum Hon Guest private
22/03/2017 London Stock Exchange Group,  Investment Funds Conference Hon Guest private
21/03/2017 Jersey Finance,  Annual Funds Conference Hon Guest TBA
23/02/2017 Iron Box Capital  Film Financiers private function Hon Guest private
22/02/2017 Chicago Booth [London] Exec' MBA GNVC (Ranked Nr 4 Uni in world) Mentor ChicagoBooth
19/02/2017 Chicago Booth [London] Exec' MBA GNVC Judge ChicagoBooth
08/02/2017 Guernsey Funds Masterclass, London Hon Guest Info'
02/02/2017 Master Investor Show, London Delegate Info'
12/01/2017 The Chairman's Network: Coffee Meeting Hon Guest ChairmansNetwork
Year 2016      
20/12/2016 iTroduce & Stadden Forbes  Xmas Drinks Hon Guest private
13/12/2016 Ignite100 Investors   top10 new tech co's presentation Guest London
07/12/2016 Jersey Finance Xmas Drinks 2016 Hon Guest private
06/12/2016 FinTech Connect Froum Delegate London
28/11/2018 SIMON GALL investor-community private drinks [134 guests] HOST private
24/11/2016 EIS & VCT Forum 2016 Delegate London
22/11/2016 SEI: Future of Private Equity Hon Guest SEI UK
21/11/2016 China-British Chamber of Commerce 2016 Conference Delegate London
07/10/2016 City of London Corporation - 2017 initiatives roundtable Hon Guest Guildhall
06/10/2016 Family Business Owners Seminar Guest by invite only
04/10/2016 Corporate Chairpeople Luncheon Hon Guest Tx2 Events
29/09/2016 Rubicon Ventures US-UK VC Community Guest BakerBotts
28/09/2016 Linear Investments private drinks party Hon Guest Linear
28/09/2016 Hedge Fund Association UK, Symposium Guest HFA
22/09/2016 Export Development Canada's UK Inaugural Representation Hon Guest Canada House
14/09/2016 Low Carbon Vehicles Industry Event 2016 Delegate Millbrook
08/09/2016 Holland Mountain Director launch drinks Hon Guest private
18/08/2016 RFA & UBS at Aston Martin, London Hon Guest AstonMartin
28/07/2016 Stadden Forbes & SimonGall investor-community drinks [88 guests] HOST HomeHouse
14/07/2016 C. Hoare & Co. Founders Day Garden Party Hon Guest HoaresBank
14/07/2016 Canadian-British Chamber of Commerce Guest Canada House
11/07/2016 Jersey Finance Annual Summer Reception Hon Guest by invite only
30/06/2016 100 Women In Hedge Funds Hon Guest private
22/06/2016 Clubhouse [8 St James Sq!]  Launch Party Guest private
22/06/2016 Hedge Fund Association:  new-tech seminar Hon Guest private
21/06/2016 Family and Business Owners Seminar Hon Guest WedlakeBell
15/06/2016 Chelverton Investor Club Hon Guest private
01/06/2016 RBS Specialist Financial Services breakfast Hon Guest RBSHQ
26/05/2016 PEM: Practical Exit & Succession Planning Delegate by-invite-only
25/05/2016 Global Corporate Venturing Symposium - pm,day2 Hon Guest Register
24/05/2016 Single Family Offices Investors Conference Hon Guest Ask me for info'
17/05/2016 SIMON GALL investor-community private drinks [60 guests] HOST Ask me for Info'
12/05/2016 Guernsey Funds Forum Hon Guest by-invite-only
10/05/2016 Schroders in House of Lords Hon Guest by-invite-only
05/05/2016 Alternative Finance Debate in TheClubhouse Hon Guest by-invite-only
27/04/2016 Jersey Finance Private Wealth Mg't Conf Hon Guest by-invite-only
23/04/2016 Master Investor Show (public access) Delegate Register
21/04/2016 Crowdfunders Live Hon Guest Register
20/04/2016 SS&C.  FCA-compliance for Fund Managers Hon Guest Register 
15/04/2016 LBS - Single Family Offices Seminar Hon Guest private
12/04/2016 Innovate Finance Global Summit - Drinks Hon Guest by-invite-only
30/03/2016 HFM UK Breakfast Briefing Hon Guest HFM Apply
24/03/2016 London Stock Exchange: Inv' Funds' Conf Hon Guest by-invite-only
16/03/2016 Deutsche Bank & HCL: Innovation Roundtable Hon Guest by-invite-only
03/03/2016 Jersey Finance - Annual Funds Conference Hon Guest 2016 Conf
02/03/2016 K&L Gates: Growth Investment seminar Hon Guest  private
01/03/2016 The Pluralists Private Investor Club Launch Delegate private
29/02/2016 Private Equity Forum, Said Business School Delegate Register
25/02/2016 Mills & Reeve Private Wealth Management seminar Hon Guest TBC
23/02/2016 Keiretsu Forum: Fintech Funding Hon Guest by-invite-only
11/02/2016 Brand Finance: Banking Forum Hon Guest private
10/02/2016 RBS Specialist Fin Serv Team, Funds Breakfast Hon Guest private
08/02/2016 Uni'Chicago Booth School of Bus': IB/PE/VC-MBA Mentor/Judge UCBSB-London
03/02/2016 Guernsey Funds Masterclass 2016 - London Hon Guest by-invite-only
27/01/2016 Mills & Reeve Family Investment Companies seminar Hon Guest TBC
26/01/2016 Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce function Delegate by-invite-only
Year 2015
17/12/2015 Brand Exchange's xmas drinks Hon Guest private
10/12/2015 Newport Financial Management's xmas drinks Hon Guest private
10/12/2015 Holland Mountain's xmas drinks Hon Guest by-invite-only
08/12/2015 FinTech Live Expo' Hon Guest Register
07/12/2015 Alternative Funding Network: Finance Regulations Hon Guest Register
02/12/2015 Jersey Finance's xmas drinks Hon Guest by-invite-only
24/11/2015 RBS Corporate Banking - Impacts of MiFiD Hon Guest by-invite-only
18/11/2015 SIMON GALL investor-community private drinks [111 guests] HOST private
26/10/2015 Spears Wealth Management Awards Hon Guest by-invite-only
22/10/2015 Growth Investor Awards:JensonFundingPartners shortlisted VIP Guest Apply
22/10/2015 Alternative Investment Summit Hon Guest Register
08/10/2015 Berenberg Bank - Investment Conference 2015 Hon Guest private
07/10/2015 Simon Gall - LP & FO soiree, with Jersey Finance [124 guests] HOST Info
07/10/2015 Spears Wealth Insight Forum Hon Guest by-invite-only
01/10/2015 HFM European Allocator Intelligence Summit 2/2 Hon Guest HFMAS
25/09/2015 HFM Seminar Guest HFMweek
24/09/2015 FinTech 2016 SEIS Fund Launch Guest private
24/09/2015 Marketing within the technology sector Delegate OnTheEdge
23/09/2015 Silverpeak & Wragge, 'B & C Rounds' Hon Guest private
21/09/2015 TilneyBestInvest Investments Seminar Guest Tilney
17/09/2015 The Lebara Foundation & Wimmer Family Office lunch Hon Guest private
15/09/2015 IIBN & TLCN London Hon Guest private
14/09/2015 100WIHedgeFunds @BlackRock  Guest private
03/09/2015 Lebruin - London launch event Hon Guest private
01/09/2015 RubiconVC [USA]: VC&PE MDs: featuring Whitespace Ventures Advisor Rubicon
01/09/2015 Simon Gall investors-network: vHNWI / FO / PB / IB HOST private
23/07/2015 The Unit London: Contemporary Fine Art Evening Hon Guest private
16/07/2015 Fermain Technologies - Launch Hon Guest private
16/07/2015 Ruffena Capital - lunch roundtable on informal funding  Hon Guest Ruffena 
09/07/2015 Post Election Budget Briefing for HNWI & Family Offices Hon Guest Fasken 
10/06/2015 Simon Gall investors-network (& presentation) HOST private
09/06/2015 Stenham Asset Management - Global Macro Investing Hon Guest private
04/06/2015 RIFT Group - Gov't Capital Allowance + R&D Schemes Hon Guest private
03/06/2015 Limited Partner Summit, London.   Advisor LP Summit
28/05/2015 Aston Uni' Finance: VIP-Lunch in JP Morgan, London Hon Guest JP Morgan
28/05/2015 Enterprise Investment Scheme Association - Seminar Hon Guest private
27/05/2015 Ruffena Capital investors evening Hon Guest private
26/05/2015 NetForum Corporate Venture Capital Network - 'IoT' Hon Guest private
21/05/2015 Holland Mountain - Spring Social drinks evening Hon Guest private
20/05/2015 Financial Services Headline Dinner - Summer 2015 Hon Guest private
14/05/2015 R F Trustee Co. Ltd Services - Launch  Hon Guest private
14/05/2015 Guernsey Funds Forum 2015 Hon Guest Info
13/05/2015 Jersey Finance - Annual Private Client Conference 2015 Hon Guest JerseyFinance
05/05/2015 Tomorrows Forum - 'Risk' Leadership Forum Hon Guest private
30/04/2015 Family Offices Review Alternative Investments Seminar HOST Info
29/04/2015 Corporate Venture Capital Network - 'Cyber Security' Hon Guest private
15/04/2015 Cocoon Wealth - Private Drinks  Hon Guest CocoonWealth
08/04/2015 Hedgebrunch - Private Evening (HF & FOs) Hon Guest Hedgebrunch
25/03/2015 Corporate Venture Capital Network - 'Cyber Security' Hon Guest private
20/03/2015 HFM UK Breakfast Briefing Hon Guest HFMweek
19/03/2015 Jersey Finance - Annual Funds Conference Hon Guest JerseyFinance
18/03/2015 HedgeBrunch - Club Evening Hon Guest HedgeBrunch 
18/03/2015 Great British Private Investor Summit Delegate AngelNews
11/03/2015 Simon Gall investors-network (& Whitespace Ventures) HOST private
11/03/2015 London Stock Exchange Investment Fund Conference Hon Guest private
10/03/2015 BVCA First Time Fundraising Workshop Hon Guest BVCA
04/03/2015 Simon Gall investors-network (& Jenson EIS) HOST private
03/03/2015 Hedge Fund Association [UK Launch], London Symposium Hon Guest
03/03/2015 Innovate UK & Tech City, Investor Showcase Hon Guest InnovateUK
26/02/2015 Informed Funding, [Launch] Hon Guest InformedFunding
25/02/2015 Simon Gall investors-network  (& Jenson SEIS) HOST private
25/02/2015 Corporate Venture Capital Network - 'Fund Platforms' Hon Guest private
04/02/2015 Canada Tech Forum UK, Tech Commercialisation Hon Guest Canada-UK Org 
28/01/2015 Guernsey Finance - Funds Masterclass Delegate private
22/01/2015 NetForum Corporate Venture Capital Network - 'Tech' M&A' Hon Guest private
20/01/2015 The Enterprise Network [TEN] - Launch Hon Guest private
20/01/2015 IIBN & Peter Sutherland, Chairman of Goldman Sachs Hon Guest private