Marketing & Business Development Director & NED

Business Development = analysing, researching, then strategically creating new markets and opening existing markets for companies, corporate financiers and investors.

Marketing = interacting with board-level potential and existing partners, clients, service-providers, investees and investors.   

Channels involve digital, telephone, face-to-face meetings, publishing, events attendance / creation, networking and involvement of senior-professional contacts. 

Board-level.  Highly connected.  An actively managed personal and private secure-database of over 3,200 senior venture investment industry professionals, categorised into 115 skillsets.


2017 =

Interim Contract = Chelsea Corporate (Buy-side M&A);  Digital Elite (digital-security); ...

Formal Advisory = Chelsea Corporate (Buy-Side M&A);  Stadden Forbes (PWM & SFO);  Crestbridge (Fund Mgr);  SEI (Fund Tech);   SAP (Corp Tech);  Metrosoft (Investor Tech);  Family Office Magazine; ...

Judge & Mentor, Chicago-Booth Exec’ MBAs in Investment Banking & Private Equity: 5th consecutive year my allocated team became international finalists of the GNVC competition, with 'Appiness Ltd' overall winner, in  November 2016.


Multiple endorsements =