Business Development, Marketing, Sales

I'm seeking a career change, ASAP!

Looking for a client-facing position, working within a well established and/or funded business.

I've wasted many recent years being the trusted 'go-to' man for multiple 'entrepreneurs' , corporate financiers , 'investors' , intermediaries , specialist service providers... all the high risk venturing madness.

My experience is that the venture industry is 80% full of very short-term vision, 'take-and-not-give' people, plus 15% who could give, but have no money, leaving 05% who do pay salaries/retainers, but they very rarely hire the self-employed!
Contracts proffered to me by all of the above are nearly always 'commission only, because [I'm] so good at what [I] do'. This doesn't mean the contractor is any good!

I'm known to be a very honest man, who has always ensured RoI greater than my cost; built my reputation on it.

If you have a real - ethical, proven, honest, long-term - business that will pay a good wage for an honest and efficient client-facing businessman, do contact me please.





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