Business Development: Marketing; Investor Relations; PR-Comm's; Sales.
Business Development; New Business Development; B2B Marketing and Sales; Corporate Communications.  Peer-to-peer professional Networking, Events Organisation.  CRM systems.  Advising, Consulting, Directing. Project Management; Staff Management; Acting General Manager.  Founder of Companies.  Entrepreneur.  Business Planning.  Research and Analysis of Industries, Companies, Projects, Investments;  Trusted Advisor to Investors, Chairmen and CEOs.

Directing / Managing / Advising 

for well established businesses and investors
I 'emigrated' from Newcastle to London in 1985 with £220. in pocket, solo, no support, very ambitious.

1985 - 1990    From sound engineering student to become 'top-gun' freelance music/radio/facilities/tv audio engineer and producer, business consultant; entrepreneur. Also spending my weekends as a fitness instructor/gym manager.

1991 - 1997    After being nominated for industry awards became circuit speaker, which quickly led into being a highly successful entrepreneurial Lecturer/Courses-writer/Tutor, and Business Consultant.

1996 - 2013    I saw the potential of the internet and became a serial-entrepreneur co-founding and Consulting companies in tech, media and manufacturing.

2013 - 2016    Business Development Consultant & Advisor to company directors and professional investors.

2017 - ...         Seeking to work in one permanent contract.