I work with CEO/Chair/Board/Investors to strategically develop new companies, and redevelop/accelerate companies.

I'm a 'fixer' for board-level strategic partnerships/clients/investment.

Very highly-connected to the senior management in hi-tech/fintech and the like, and moreso to major financiers.

My past few years have been in financial [venture investment] services and related tech, but my business building expertise covers many industries.


 2013 - 2017 Clients =
Company Acquisitions;  Digital-Security; Private Wealth Management; Fund Management; Single Family Office;  Multi Family Office; Corporate Venture Capital;   FinTech; Family Office Magazine; Commercial Law Firm; Government; CXO Events; Professional Investor Events; Hedge Fund Association; Private Equity Firm; Venture Capital Firm; Inward-Investment Consultancy; Merchant Bank; Funding Platform; Academic Institutions; SME-Business Consultancy.

Judge & Mentor, Chicago-Booth Exec’ MBAs in Investment Banking & Private Equity: 5th consecutive year my allocated team became international finalists of the GNVC competition, with 'Appiness Ltd' overall winner, in  November 2016.

Clients prior to 2013 =
Some of the above, plus Corporate Finance; Manufacturing; Regional Development Authority; Academia; Broadcasting; Media Consultancy; and more.

Multiple endorsements

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