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I’m Consulting Hambro Perks ( ) founded and run by Rupert Hambro CBE and Dominic Perks, supported by a highly experienced and impressive team.

Hambro Perks are a direct-investor into and supporter of (currently 38) fast growth tech-enabled and disruptive companies. They invest off their own balance sheet, having raised permanent capital from a range of highly successful individuals and family offices, who have invested as shareholders in Hambro Perks.

There is now an opportunity for sophisticated investor individuals to co-invest alongside Hambro Perks on a fully-aligned basis, (via an EIS compatible, evergreen fund) as can be viewed on their Investment Memorandum which I can send you, if you contact me directly!

Also, I'll be delighted to show you their function venue, which is free to use with pertinent permissions, for educating and entertaining venture investment professionals, and private wealth managers.

Always feel free to phone / text me as usual.

Simon Gall

Business Development Consultant

Hambro Perks Services Ltd

8 Greencoat Place, London SW1P 1PL

s i m o n  [at]  s i m o n g a l l  [dot]  c o m

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