Sales, Marketing, Business Development Consultant


Sales, Marketing, Business Development

 = Market research and analysis strategy and planning.

 = Managing website and marketing material

 = Digital-marketing to social-media and business-networks
 = Prominence in offline media and business-networks
 = Arranging Key Speaker, Panelist, Guest attendance at events
 = Arranging board-level meetings with potential clients/partners/financiers
 = Hosting / Speaking / Attending Soirees / Functions / Seminars / Events
 = Profiling in industry publications

 = Branding
 = Dealflow with preferred suppliers, partners, investors, clients

 = Writing and negotiating contracts.

2013 - 2018, CXO-level contracts with clients in Company Acquisitions; Digital-Security; Private Wealth Management; Fund Management; Single Family Office; Multi Family Office; Corporate Venture Capital; FinTech; Family Office Magazine; Commercial Law Firm; Government; CXO Events; Professional Investor Events; Hedge Fund Association; Private Equity Firm; Venture Capital Firm; Inward-Investment Consultancy; Merchant Bank; Funding Platform; Academic Institutions; SME-Business Consultancy.